2021 First Annual General Meeting

Thank you for your interest in our inaugural AGM! Our first annual general meeting took place on Monday January 18th 2021.

This meeting was open to the public – local residents, community groups and media were able to attend and observe via YouTube. Only validated members of the BIA (business/property owners) were eligible to vote and participate in discussions on Zoom.

Non-Members: The AGM was streamed live on YouTube, you can watch the meeting here: AGM 2021

AGM Agenda:

  1. Call to Order, Introductions and Opening Remarks
  2. Electronic meeting, recording of the meeting and voting protocols
  3. Declaration of Conflict of Interest
  4. BIA Background, Purpose and Future Plans
  5. Remarks from Politicians
  6. Proposed Program and Budget for 2021.
  7. Board of Management Directors Nominations: Twelve (12) positions, plus local Councillor.
  8. New Business
  9. Adjournment

If you have any questions, please contact us at hello@willowdalebia.com