Important Dates For Registration

February 26 – March 26 2021
Period 1 Registration for CafeTO

March 27 – May 2021
Period 2 Registration for CafeTO

*Note: The expected date of curb lane closures by the City for Period 1 is May and for Period 2 is June, and will go until October 2021. In order to take full advantage of the patio season, we recommend registering as soon as possible in order to secure curb lane cafes.

What Is CafeTO?

CafeTO is a municipal project created by the City of Toronto to help restaurants and bars provide safe, outdoor patio spaces for patrons.

For more information on the CafeTO program, visit

How are we going to help businesses?

One of our main goals is to help businesses get the resources they need to ensure their summer patio is a success. In addition to resources used towards the beautification of the curb lane patios, the BIA will be able to help restaurants gain access to other resources they may need.

What can businesses hope to gain from participating?

Joining CafeTO during Period 1 registration means businesses will have access to curbside patios as early as May. Providing outdoor dining spaces for guests will increase customer traffic thereby increasing revenue.

For questions about CafeTO, email